Home Projects for Better Organization with a Growing Family

If you are like many homeowners, you bought your home a few years ago, perhaps when it was just you and your spouse. But over the years, as your house filled up with a growing family, personal belongings, and maybe even a pet or two, chances are your home now feels smaller and more cluttered than ever before. The good news is you don’t need to buy a new house to regain control of your living space. Instead, try a few of these home projects to help you maximize your space and keep you more organized.

better organized garage

Rethink Your Home Office

One of the first places in your home that may need a new approach is your home office. More people than ever are working from home, placing new demands on an already limited space. If working inside the house results in disruption and a lack of productivity, it may be time to move out - to the backyard! Creating a home office in your backyard is easy with these great ideas, and this option can help free up space inside your home for other uses.

Small Bathroom Overhaul

Another spot in the house that could be re-thought is that small bathroom. Think about it: how often does that half-bath in the hallway really get used? If your answer is anything but “all the time,” perhaps now is the time for an overhaul. If you need another bathroom, consider expanding your small bathroom into something larger and more functional. Or, consider how much more space you could add to your kitchen or living room by eliminating it altogether. Take a look at these great ideas of how to overhaul your small bathroom.

Was Your Laundry Room Planned?

One room that does get used – a lot! - is the laundry room. But if the laundry room in your home feels like an afterthought, it can make doing laundry even harder. A great home project that can make your life easier is to renovate, move, or perhaps expand your laundry room. There may be another spot better suited for your new laundry room, or maybe some adjacent extra space you could expand. Check out these ideas for converting a small space in your home into a more functional, beautiful laundry room you’ll love to use.

Use Your Basement

Does your home have a basement? If so, are you using your basement space to its full potential? If you’ve got basement rooms that are underutilized or perhaps just sitting empty, consider the benefits of using it to create a playroom for your family. No matter the ages of your family members, you can create a fun and functional space for all of your favorite entertainment. Check out these great basement renovation ideas. Adding a playroom in the basement will also free up other areas of the home, giving you more space for all of life's other activities.

Reconsider Extra Space

Just like finishing an unused basement could add valuable living space to your home, so too could reconsidering extra spaces throughout your home. Over time certain parts of your house become storage areas by default, without any real planning involved. But to really maximize the useful space in your home, it may be time to re-think and re-work some of those extra spaces into more functional areas. To get some ideas for your home project, check out these suggestions.

New Spot for Your TV

Another feature of your home that may be taking up more space than it needs to is your TV. If you’ve got your television sitting on a cabinet or entertainment stand, both the TV and the furniture it’s sitting on may be taking up space.

Consider how much bigger the room would look and feel if you hung the TV on a wall instead. In fact, you could change the entire feel of a room by simply rearranging how your TV is positioned in the room. Not sure where the TV should go? Visit this link to get some creative ideas for optimal TV placement.

Get a Helping Hand

With so many great home project ideas designed to free up space and help you get organized, the hardest part just might be choosing which one to do first! The last thing you need is to start a project and then get too busy to finish it. Instead, why not give the pros at Neighborly a call? Our home services professionals can help you plan and complete all your home renovation projects according to your schedule. And if you’re looking for some great ideas and suggestions, we can help you with that too!

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