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For many of us, the shift from working in an office to working from home has been as abrupt one. And for many, that transition to working remotely may already have become a permanent arrangement. But without adequate time or resources to prepare, you may not currently have a permanent home office that supports daily productivity.

To ensure that you are making the most out of your work day, you need a space that fits your needs. To protect your well-being and personal time, it’s also important to have a space that will help you separate your work life from your home life.

Perhaps you’ve seen a few mentions of nice office set-ups, but need more substantial information to start moving toward creating that permanent home office you want and need. If that is the case, we are here to help! Read on to get home office ideas that will help you regain the work-life balance you deserve.

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Backyard Office

Working from home sounds convenient, but the reality of it can be much different. Instead, what if you could work outside the home, but still be at home? With a backyard office, it just may be possible! If you’ve been trying to separate your work and home life while working in your kitchen, bedroom, or even closet, you know how everything starts to blur into everything else. Video conference calls are difficult, if not impossible, with kids or other household members moving in and out of the room, making noise, and otherwise creating myriad distractions.

If you’re tired of apologizing for their interruptions, perhaps it’s time to consider turning a backyard shed into a permanent home office. Sheds can make a great home office that isn’t actually inside your home, helping to eliminate common sources of interference with your work schedule and productivity. To learn more about whether a home office shed is the right choice for you, or maybe just to be inspired by a new and creative home office idea, visit the Mr. Handyman blog.

Separate Office Bathroom

If you are one of the lucky few who already have a dedicated home office in your house, you may still run into problems every time you need to leave your office to use the restroom. While that door is closed, you have a kind of protective barrier between your work life and your personal life. But the minute you leave, even just to use the bathroom, your personal life may come rushing back at you. What should be a quick 10-minute break can suddenly turn into 45 minutes of rushing around, leading to reduced work productivity.

If this sounds familiar, what about adding a dedicated office bathroom to your work space? Imagine it: if you had an on-suite bathroom, accessible only from your office, you could avoid many of these distractions and stay on task throughout your day. Of course, adding a bathroom will require new plumbing and a good-sized remodeling project, so you might want to call in some professionals like those at Mr. Rooter who can do the job right away, and right the first time.

Dedicated Computer Circuit

Along with private space, another thing a permanent home office really needs is a dedicated computer circuit. A dedicated computer circuit is an electrical circuit in your home that has it’s own circuit breaker in the electrical box. Because the circuit is separate from those in the rest of the house, it can help reduce interruptions in electrical current and ensure that your computer won’t suddenly lose power if someone in another part of the house trips a breaker.

Has your computer or combined office equipment every tripped your current circuit breaker? Then you probably need to get a dedicated circuit just for your office! To learn more about the benefits of having one installed, go to the article “Benefits of a Dedicated Computer Circuit for Your Home Office” from the professionals at Mr. Electric.

Proper Lighting

Finally, how much thought have you given to the lighting situation in your current home office? Chances are that you are trying to use light fixtures and lamps that are designed for residential use, not for office settings. Without proper lighting, you may end up looking like a grey haze on your video conference calls, inhabiting an otherworldly space filled with discarded children’s toys in the background.

While your coworkers and even your boss may have tried to overlook it, it’s just not very professional to appear on video calls this way. To show up to work ready to impress, you need to have a dedicated office space that is property lit. To make sure you are lighting your home office correctly so that you look clear and professional in every conference call, check out the information in the article “Home Office Video Conferencing Lighting” on the Mr. Electric blog.

If you are ready to transform your home office ideas into real work-life balance, you’ll need the right professionals to help. The good news is that Neighborly brands are ready to provide all of the services you will need to make your dream home office a reality. Our home service brands provide a range of high-quality services, from plumbing to electrical to home remodeling. To learn more about what we have to offer, visit us at https://www.neighborly.com/about/about-neighborly.

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