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As we approach a new decade, it’s clear we’re living in an automated age. Instant gratification is the “name of the game,” and our homes are no exception.

Which home automation gadgets are on your wish list this holiday season? Explore our favorites and make your home smarter for the new year.

Remote control lights for home

Automate your life

  • Smart speaker / personal assistant – Want to set a timer for your dinner in the oven, check the weather while packing for your weekend trip, and listen to your favorite music while doing it? Check, check, check! Your smart speaker can do (almost) anything.
  • Smart thermostat – Forget to set your thermostat before leaving for that weekend trip? Control your smart thermostat from anywhere in the world with your smart phone and set it to your desired temperature upon your arrival home.
  • Smart doorbell – Who’s that at the door? Now, you don’t even need to get off the couch to see. Check on your front porch in real time, be alerted when the device detects motion, and more. Nothing beats that peace of mind!
  • Smart door locks – Forget to lock the front door after pulling out of the neighborhood? (Or doubting yourself and want to double, triple check?) Lock or unlock your door from the convenience of your smart phone – just one more way to guard your home while you’re gone.
  • Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors – Before smart technology, many relied heavily on neighbors and friends to notice dangers while you’re out of town. With smart detectors, you’ll receive a notification should a fire erupt at home, down to the specific room.
  • Smart outlets – Yes, even outlets can be smart these days! Forget to unplug some energy-sucking appliances? Smart outlets allow you to program schedules for whatever devices are plugged in. You can also control them remotely.
  • Smart home hub – With all these automation gadgets at home, you need a way to automate the very gadgets themselves! A home hub helps you control your smart devices from one place and further simplifies your automated home.

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