Who Built My House?

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Your home is a work of art. Do you ever wonder who created it?

A few key resources could hold all the answers. Use these tips to help you discover who built your home.

Getting started

Why should you discover who built your home? You might be curious for the following reasons:

Older two story home with large front porch
  • You might want to add onto your home and achieve the same style/vision.
  • You might have a question or issue with your current structure/floor plan.
  • You might simply want to know your home better.

Ready to unlock the answers? Your process in doing so will depend on the age of your house and the number of people who’ve owned it.

If you’re only the second or third owner, you might be able to simply ask around. You never know the wealth of information that can be acquired from those living right beside you – especially those who have lived in the neighborhood for a while. It’s a perfect opportunity to get to know your neighbors.

Tips and tricks

If you own an older home with several previous owners, try these tips and tricks.

  • Look for a stamp or a sticker subcontractors may have left with a date of their installation work. This serves as a great clue!
  • If you find a stamp from a plumber, electrician, or a carpenter, they might have records on the general contractor or architect.
  • If you live within city limits, the city clerk’s office should be able to locate original documents.
  • If you live in a rural area, ask the county clerk.
  • If you know the year your house was built, look for clues, like newspaper clippings, at your local library.
  • Ask your long-time neighbors and/or historical societies in your city for information. Or, ask your realtor!

Repair, enhance, and maintain

As you learn more about your home, you’ll appreciate it more. And you’ll probably want to make some enhancements! You might consider projects like these.

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