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Is your basement turning into a catch-all for junk? Whether you have a finished or unfinished basement, a high or a low budget, keep everything organized with these creative basement storage solutions that look great.

basement storage cubes

Unfinished Basement Storage Ideas

If your basement is unfinished, try one of these DIY or store-bought options.

  • Buy some industrial plastic shelves from the hardware store
  • Buy a stackable shelving system with integrated storage containers
  • Build shelves with two-by-fours and plywood to hold color-coded totes (Try these instructions, or hire someone to build it!)
  • Build large drawers under an existing workbench, countertop or seating
  • Install peg board with hanging baskets and hooks
  • Build garment racks using tension rods or broom handles

When organizing your unfinished basement, remember to protect your belongings. Sealed containers are the best basement storage solutions to protect against dust, humidity, flooding and pests. Stored furniture may need to be raised slightly off the floor and covered with a sheet.

Seeing water damage or mold? Reach out to Rainbow International to fully restore your basement.

Finished Basement Storage Ideas

A finished basement calls for a more visually appealing storage strategy. In a finished basement, you can also get away with open baskets and totes, rather than keeping everything sealed. Try these options:

If you want someone to build these solutions for you, hire local pros with plenty of experience.

No matter how organized your finished basement is, you won’t hang out there if it’s too cold. Keep your basement warm with these tips from Aire Serv.

Have It Built In!

When it comes to basement storage solutions, built-in shelving and cupboards can’t be beat. Ask your local Mr. Handyman to custom-build cubbies under the stairs, floor-to-ceiling cabinets, garment lockers, custom drawers and more.

To top it all off, Mr. Electric will put custom lighting in your built-in storage, and Glass Doctor can install modern glass shelving.

Yes, Neighborly’s home service brands can do pretty much anything to improve your basement! Search for more services today.

Space-Saving Hacks

When deciding on the best basement storage ideas, think creatively about using the whole space.

  • Under the stairs
  • Stairwell space
  • Vertical wall space
  • Behind-the-door space
  • Ceiling space – Try building “tracks” that plastic totes can slide into!

Creative Basement Organization Containers

It’s time to recycle those old, falling-apart cardboard boxes. If you prefer basement storage vessels that aren’t just plain plastic totes, try using metal buckets, wooden fruit crates, canvas totes, storage ottomans, and thrifted furniture.

Don’t like labelling? Go for clear storage containers, and organize the items in categories. For even more basement storage ideas, check out this post from Rainbow International, an important part of the Neighborly family of brands.

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