Swimming Pool Privacy Ideas: From Plants to Fencing

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Ever get the feeling someone’s creeping on your pool time? Even if you don’t have nosy neighbours, having privacy in your yard feels good. These swimming pool privacy ideas will help you complete your backyard paradise.

Pool Fencing Ideas for Privacy

A pool fence is the most obvious solution. But what kind should you pick? Solid wood, faux stone, and thick lattice pool fences are good options if you want no chance of someone peeping on you. But if your pool area isn’t very large, these fences may look too cumbersome (claustrophobia, anyone?).

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Less obtrusive options are pool fences with an interesting texture or small holes – try rolled bamboo fencing, artistic/sculptural panels, or weatherproof composite fencing with close-together slats. For a movable solution that can still look good, purchase portable privacy screens that can be staked down.

Installing a permanent fence can get tricky, depending on your property. If that's your plan, hire a trusted team like Mr. Handyman® for reliable fencing installation services.

Pool Landscaping Ideas for Privacy

What’s a pool paradise without plants? Below are some of the best pool landscaping ideas for privacy:

  • Try a vine. Vining plants make privacy look so pretty! Plant options may include climbing hydrangea, clematis, wisteria, and honeysuckle. Check your planting zone to see what species will work best, and try to plant a native vine rather than an invasive one.
  • Choose evergreens. Boxwoods, laurels, yews, and junipers can all be great for an evergreen privacy screen. Spend some time determining which shrubs will do best in your climate. Avoid arborvitae, as it’s too messy for poolside.
  • Do bamboo. In some climates, bamboo is a fabulous pool landscaping idea for privacy. But some varieties grow out of control, and others are messy. Choose a clustering bamboo that’s slow spreading, and make sure it’s at least 10 feet from the pool.
  • Fawn over flowers. There are many flowering shrubs that, if pruned correctly, can create gorgeous hedges. Abelia, privet, and viburnum are some lovely possibilities.
  • Go faux. Fake hedges and vines can be extremely convincing these days. If maintenance isn’t your thing, a faux-plant privacy solution may be the best pool “landscaping” idea for you.

Need help with designing, planting, and maintaining the landscaping? We highly recommend The Grounds Guys®, who specializes in all of the above – and more! Find out if The Grounds Guys have a team near you.

Structures and Hardscaping Around the Pool

While it might be expensive, building a structure like a gazebo is a great pool privacy idea that also creates a new social space. If a large structure like this isn’t in the budget, consider combining your landscaping and fencing with some hardscaping features.

What kind of hardscaping? Low stone walls and an outdoor fireplace look chic and provide privacy too – especially when combined with strategic landscaping. A wide fountain creates visual privacy while also blocking out noise.

Enjoy Your Yard to the Fullest

Did these pool privacy ideas get your gears turning? Think of all you could do with a bit more seclusion. You could throw an outdoor dinner party or install a cool outdoor shower. You could wear your ugliest pajamas outside!

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