Benefits of Smart Home Security Systems

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If you’re going to make anything “smart” about your home, security is a good place to start. After all, your most precious valuables live in this space – protecting them is likely your top priority!

Smart home security systems help you keep tabs on your home while you’re away, all from the convenience of your smart phone. Use this Neighbourly guide to launch your research and choose the best solution for your home.

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Traditional vs. DIY

You’re probably familiar with traditional home security systems offered by providers like Vivint or ADT. In the past, a traditional provider would send a technician to your home, install a wired system and enroll you in professional monitoring services.

You can still take advantage of this approach today, but smart technology has changed the game and increased your options. In most cases, you can even set up smart systems yourself! In addition, you serve as the “professional monitor,” receiving updates in real time via your smart devices.

Discover benefits and features unique to smart systems below.

Top Benefits and Features of Smart Systems

  • Facial recognition – Many smart home systems allow you to view your kids entering the front door when they get home. However, systems like Honeywell’s can distinguish your kids’ faces from the friends’ they bring with them. Schedule this feature to ensure your “faces” get home safely!
  • Doorbell camera – If you’re more apt to get the door for the neighbourhood kids than the door-to-door salesman, a doorbell camera might be for you. You don’t have to be close by to see who’s there – you’ll receive an alert and often a video recording directly to your phone.
  • Smart locks – Everyone forgets to lock the door behind them from time to time. Now, if you’re already sitting comfortably on the couch, you can lock it from your phone. You can even schedule your smart system to lock your doors at a certain time each day.
  • Mobile alerts – Smart systems allow you to set up alerts for almost anything. Get notified when someone opens a door or window, when someone steps on your porch, or when motion is detected in the backyard.
  • 360 views – If you’ve ever felt limited by the mobility range of a security camera, you now have something smarter! Wireless cameras like ones from Vimtag offer 360-degree coverage, so no corner is left unmonitored.
  • Night vision recording – With a smart security system, you’ll sleep easy knowing your security system won’t be sleeping! Night vision recording allows you to check on your home even in the darkest times of night.
  • Remote accessibility – Forgot to arm the house? No problem. Like your locks, smart systems allow you to “arm” from anywhere.

It’s time to get smart about home security! We hope this guide equips you with confidence in your research and buying decision.

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