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Home Maintenance Schedule

The changing seasons bring excitement – the first snowfall, swim, or tinge of color on the trees. The seasons also bring important seasonal maintenance tasks that can get forgotten in all the excitement.

Neighborly is here to help with a seasonal home maintenance schedule to keep you on track.

There may be tasks you need to add to the list, and others you can skip right over. The idea is to establish a routine so you don’t fall behind and end up with a leaking roof, or worse, a flooded basement.

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Seasonal Home Maintenance Schedule


Don’t let the anticipation of warm weather and blooming flowers distract you from spring home maintenance:


Warm weather is here, but that doesn’t mean you’re off the hook for summer home maintenance:


Resist the urge to hunker down before winter sets in and knock out a few home maintenance chores:


Completing just a few home maintenance tasks in the winter can help avoid costly repair bills:


Biannually (Twice a Year)

Use this checklist to get in a seasonal home maintenance routine that keeps your home in great shape. Just remember to do what works best for you. If you need a helping hand, contact any of the Neighborly home service brands for guaranteed results.