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At-Home Date Night Ideas

Dates don’t always have to be elaborate or expensive. Here are 10 at-home date night ideas to help rekindle the romance and keep some cash in your pocket.

10 Creative Ideas

  1. Eat takeout food by candlelight.
  2. Cook dinner together and turn it into a backyard picnic.
  3. Ask each other questions. Use this list of conversation starters prepared by a social psychology researcher at SUNY!
  4. Hold a game or puzzle night. Loser cleans up after dinner!
  5. Share a tasting/pairing night with new brands of your favorite foods and beverages. Try wine and cheese, beer and sausage, or scotch and chocolate!
  6. Create your bucket list together – the sky’s the limit.
  7. Camp out together in the living room all night. Extra points for building a fort!
  8. Plan a future vacation together. Bon voyage!
  9. Use YouTube to learn a new dance.
  10. Collaborate on a video or scrapbook for your children or extended family.

Prep Your Date Night Space

When date night’s at home, it’s important to prep your space so there’s no distractions. No time to prepare? Lighten your load and enlist some help from the professionals.

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