Sip on These Home Bar Ideas

Beautiful homes (like yours!) are great for entertaining. If a fun night with friends is on your weekend to-do list, how about socializing over drinks mixed in your own home?

Bring the party to you with your very own at-home bar. Check out a few of our favorite ideas for creating the home bar of your dreams. And remember to partake responsibly!

Be Inspired

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, right? Picture your favorite bar. How has it earned that position in your mind? Think through ways you can incorporate your favorite elements in your at-home bar, like fun music, a big screen TV, unique furniture, and of course, a well-loved dart board.

Build It

Take inventory of your space, your budget, your existing furniture, and wish list for your bar. Maybe you want to rebuild a built-in bar or convert an existing piece of furniture. Or you might be looking to customize your own design. This is where your project starts, so take time on this decision. When you’re ready, call the experts!

Stock It

The best bars are well-stocked! Ensure you have necessary ingredients to make everyone’s favorite drink. Use storage spaces, like bookcases, cabinets and freestanding buffets to store your liquor and tools. Mr. Handyman can help you create custom shelving and storage solutions.

Keep It Cold

Your liquor is displayed beautifully on your shelves – what about the cold stuff? A small refrigerator is essential for your at-home bar to keep beer and mixers cold and ready. A wine cooler isn’t a bad addition, either. If you’re using a small refrigerator, incorporate an ice maker for extra convenience.

Game On

What better way to get the party going than with a few fun games on hand? From pool tables and foosball tables, to Jenga sets, mini basketball hoops, board games and just plain ol’ cards, games are a perfect way to get everyone involved. Throw in a karaoke machine for good measure.

Light It Up

If neon signs aren’t your style, any kind of dramatic lighting that highlights your liquor collection -- like track lighting, pendant lighting and recessed lighting -- will set your bar apart from the rest of your home. You can even invest in beer can track lighting. Let the pros at Mr. Electric handle the installation.

Sign It

You’ve likely written your name in permanent marker on the walls of your favorite dive bar. (Your secret is safe with us!) Take a classier approach in your home by encouraging your guests to leave their autograph on a chalkboard wall. You can even record some of your favorite drink recipes for later.

Finish It

Once you’ve mastered your basics, finish your bar with comfortable barstools, funky mirrors, and even custom coasters. Who wouldn’t want to set their cold drink on a coaster that reads, “Tim’s Bar?” Make a trip to your at-home bar an unforgettable experience for friends and family.

With an at-home bar as exciting as yours, you might never want to go out again. You have the vision, and we have the pros that can help. Enlist a Neighborly home service professional for this project and any home service project on your list!

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