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How to Prepare for a Home Appraisal

It’s easy for your mind to linger in the “what’s next” when selling your home, but you can’t afford to forget about your current space. In fact, to get the best assessment of your property’s value, you may have to put in a little work before you go.

If you’re in the buying/selling state of mind, it’s time put your home’s “best foot forward!” Prepare for the appraisal by completing these whole-house “to dos.”

Tackle These Necessary “To Dos”


  • Refresh peeling paint, both indoors and out! Choose neutral colors for walls, trim, siding and doors to appeal to all kinds of home buyers.
  • Examine your home’s exterior for loose or rotten wood. Fix that loose board on the deck to improve the overall safety and aesthetic of the space!


  • Deep clean your carpets. If you’re looking to save where possible, this is the cheaper solution to replacing altogether.
  • Finish your “to dos” with a deep clean of your house. This will indicate your attention to detail and whole-house care.

“Welcome, Mr. Appraiser!” Show off your home with pride by tackling these “to dos” before your appointment.

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