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Five Tips for Staying Safe During Post-Storm Cleanup

The devastation caused by catastrophic storms, like Hurricane Harvey, is impossible to comprehend, unless you have been through it. All of us at Neighborly are doing all we can to help the victims of this historical US tragedy. From volunteering locally (we are a Texas-based company) and sending folks out to Houston and neighboring communities, to monetary and goods donations, we believe in helping as many neighbors as we are able.

Another way we want to help is to provide expert safety tips to consider when re-entering your home and starting the recovery process following a catastrophe the size of Hurricane Harvey.

  1. Flood waters exceeding 15 inches in depth can harm the internal mechanisms of your heating and air conditioning unit. Before turning your AC on, have a professional inspect it for mechanical damage. Review other ways heavy rains can affect your AC Unit.
  1. There are many potential hazards that come with re-entering a home ravaged by torrential storms. From contaminated water and food to mold and structural damage, be sure to take the appropriate steps to ensure your family’s safety. Review these tips on what to do after a flood.
  1. Rainbow International, a Neighborly brand, has this handy checklist of the first things you should do after your home has been flooded, which include turning off your electricity and water and taking pictures of the damage for insurance.
  1. Due to the high winds and projectiles whipping through the air during the hurricane and tropical storm, many homes sustained extensive glass damage. Review these tips on how to safely board up a broken window and other damaged glass.
  1. Repairing damage to your home is often one of the first steps toward getting back to normal. However, there are often pseudo-professionals (at best) and scammers (at worst) who will claim to deliver the world, then take your money and run. Don’t get taken advantage of! Be sure to follow these tips on how to find a trustworthy handyman.

BONUS TIP: If your home is still without power, be sure to use this checklist to ensure your generator is in working order and safe to operate following a storm.

These are just a few of the steps you can take to make sure you and your loved ones are safe in your home following a devastating storm disaster.

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