What’s the Average Cost to Add a Bathroom?

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It’s fair to argue that bathrooms are the most important rooms in the house. You visit them multiple times per day, and if they don’t work, it can throw a wrench into your whole day. To that end, it’s crucial that all your bathrooms are well-built.
When you need to add another bathroom, you might wonder how much you’ll have to invest. Use this guide to help you think through the details of this project.
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The Short Answer

So, what on average would a bathroom addition cost? Based on the projects we’ve done, the short answer is $6,500 to $10,000.
Obviously, this investment range is just an estimate. Your actual costs for this project will depend on factors like:
  • Beginning with an existing room or building an addition
  • Size of the room (full bath versus half bath)
  • Desired design features/fixtures
  • Materials used

The Long Answer

No matter your budget, you can do something to improve your bathroom situation — even if that means modifying bathrooms you already have so they work better for your home and life. Let’s break down the major costs associated with adding a bathroom.
  • Construction choices – A half bath is less expensive and perfect if you just need an extra toilet in the house. However, full baths add more value with an extra tub/shower. Either way, determine what your space will allow for and if you’ll renovate an existing room or start from scratch.
  • Plumbing renovations – If you haven’t thought much about your plumbing system before, you will now! Avoid switching up your home’s plumbing system if you can. Making major adjustments will involve permits and additional contractors, which can add up quickly. Get in touch with a professional for their input.
  • Electrical work – The same applies to electrical wiring. If you can, choose an area of your home where plumbing and electrical don’t need modification, or at least don’t need significant modification. For your safety, please consult a professional when working with your home’s electrical wiring.
  • Walls and flooring – Your flooring investment will depend on the type you choose. As a baseline, tiling your floor costs an average of $500, and could be more depending on the size of your bathroom. Ceramic tiles cost around a dollar per square foot, while porcelain can cost anywhere between six and nine dollars.
  • Important installations – The shower/tub is the center of any full-size bathroom, and installation alone costs an average of $3,000. Plan for extra costs for any bells and whistles (body jet, speakers, etc.). Installing toilets/sinks averages anywhere from $200 to $500.

Make Your Home Your Own

The good news? When done right, this investment should provide excellent value to your home, with an average return of 60%. Whether you choose a half bath or full bath, brand new or from an existing room, adding a bathroom is seldom a bad idea.

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