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Winter is finally over. The trees are sprouting new leaves, the birds are singing, the flowers are blooming and… is that a buzzing noise?

As beautiful as warm weather is, it’s also mosquito weather. If you want to reclaim your yard from these buzzing and biting bugs, mosquito treatment is your best bet. 

Learn how mosquito treatment keeps you and your family bite-free during warm weather and discover a few tips that can keep these pests from taking over your home:

The Importance of Mosquito Control Treatment During Warm Weather

Mosquitoes love warm, humid days. During spring and summer, these unwelcome pests can take over your yard in a matter of days. This situation is more than just annoying; it’s dangerous. Here are a few of the reasons why mosquito treatment is so important when warm weather starts:

  • Mosquitoes carry diseases: Despite their small size, mosquitoes are among the deadliest creatures on the planet. According to CNET, every year, mosquitoes kill around one million people — more than 20 times the number of snake fatalities. Most of these deaths are caused by the diseases mosquitoes carry. Regular mosquito treatments can prevent these diseases from making their way into your home or backyard.
  • Mosquitoes can cause allergic reactions: Mosquitoes cause minor allergic reactions in almost everyone, which is why their bites swell and itch. In rare cases, they can cause a severe reaction, sometimes called “skeeter syndrome,” that can be fatal.
  • Mosquito bites can become infected: Like any wound, mosquito bites can get infected. Mild cases of infection can leave you with a small scar, while severe infections can land you in the hospital.

Mosquito control treatments, provided by experts like Mosquito Joe®, are designed by Associate Certified Entomologists to keep these harmful insects away from your property. When you see these buzzing biters near your home, give Mosquito Joe a call.

Tips for Preventing Mosquito Infestations

If your property is teeming with mosquitoes, you should call a professional to take care of them. However, if the bugs haven’t come out to play just yet, there are a few things you can do to prevent them from taking over your space:

  • Fix any holes in door and window screens: Having mosquitoes on your property is no fun, but it’s worse to have them in your home. Patch up any holes in your screens before the warm weather hits.
  • Plant mosquito repellent plants: Just like garlic is said to repel vampires, plants like basil and lavender can keep these real-life bloodsuckers at bay. Plant some of these herbs and flowers around your yard to repel mosquitoes naturally.
  • Invest in an outdoor fan: Mosquitoes hate the wind and are easily blown away by even the slightest breeze. An outdoor fan can create a bite-free zone on your patio or deck.
  • Check on your outdoor plumbing: Leaky outdoor plumbing can create pools of standing water that serve as perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Double-check your plumbing before the breeding season starts.
  • Get preventative mosquito treatment: Hire the professionals at Mosquito Joe to carry out preventative mosquito treatment. These pros can help remove favorable conditions for mosquitoes and spray repellents around the border of your yard.

Mosquito Treatment FAQs

How do I control potential breeding sites for mosquitoes in my yard?

Mosquitoes need two things to breed: food and standing water. Unfortunately, since their food source is you, your family, your pets, and any friends visiting your home, you can’t exactly remove food from the equation. You can, however, get rid of standing water.

Depending on where you live, removing standing water from your immediate area could be easy or outright impossible. So, if you have a lake or pond near your property, it’s best to avoid them for the time being and focus on standing water sources that you can address. Generally, mosquitoes only travel a few hundred feet away from their breeding ground. Staying out of this range can prevent a majority of bites. 

Some common places that hide standing water on your property include:

  • Birdbaths: While we all love to see colorful birds perched on the edge of birdbaths, we don’t love the mosquitoes they bring. Empty your birdbath when the weather starts to warm to prevent mosquitoes from taking over.
  • Planters: When you water your plants, some of that water tends to get caught in the planter. Keep your planters dry to stop any pests from gathering.
  • Rain gutters: If your gutters are clogged with leaves after the winter, consider clearing them out. Clogged gutters collect spring and summer rain, turning your roof into a mosquito haven.

Once you’ve emptied any water from these spaces, be sure to check them every so often in case they refill.

What weather repels mosquitoes?

Dry, cool weather is the natural enemy of mosquitoes. When temperatures drop low enough, it can kill mosquitoes or force them into diapause — a sort of insect hibernation.

Mosquitoes also tend to thrive in still air. When it’s windy, their light bodies are easily blown around, and they’re forced to either find shelter or be carried off to an unfamiliar location. This is the exact reason why outdoor fans are a great way to deter mosquitoes.

When cold weather rolls around, it won’t control the mosquitoes immediately. The temperature needs to drop below 50°F to make mosquitoes lethargic. Of course, no one can control the weather just yet. Rather than keeping your fingers crossed for a 50° day in the middle of July, your best bet to get rid of these pests is to hire a mosquito control service like Mosquito Joe.

Call Neighborly for Help Getting Rid of Mosquitoes

Even if you do everything right, mosquitoes are persistent pests that can find a way to make a home on your property. Thankfully, the pest control experts at Mosquito Joe have all the tools needed to keep these insects away from your home.

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