Trim Trees to Get Them Ready for Next Year

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Trees are both a thing of purpose and of beauty in your backyard. They provide a home for birds and other critters, give you oxygen to breathe more easily, and serve as a special kind of backyard “décor” to keep your yard looking beautiful and full of life. As the leaves on your trees begin to fall, it’s important to think ahead to the spring and get your trees ready for next year.

The best approach to keep your trees looking their best? Trimming! However, don’t get “scissor happy” just yet!

large trees in front of home

The Grounds Guys, a Neighborly family brand, have helpful tips on trimming trees that will help them reach their full potential. For example, it’s important to only trim branches that have V-shaped narrow angles, and only to prune branches that are young or weak looking.

Ready to trim your trees for spring? Check out more trimming tips and call The Grounds Guys today.

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