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Raking the lawn, whether you love it or you hate it, is an outdoor chore that needs to be done. However, it doesn’t mean you have to suffer through every moment! It’s possible to rake your lawn more efficiently and finish faster as a result. Use these tips to rake your lawn smarter, not harder.

A rake in fresh soil and weeds

Tip #1: Dress for Success

Before stepping foot on your leafy lawn, you should come dressed for the job. It’s best to wear long sleeves and long pants to prevent scratching and irritation from whatever is making a home in your leaf pile. In addition, it’s important to wear closed-toe shoes. Work boots work great! Wearing gloves prevents your hands from blistering and allows you to carry leaves more comfortably. Don’t allow your raking outfit to limit your productivity!

Tip #2: Work with the Weather

To rake leaves most efficiently, it’s important to work in tune with the weather. Avoid windy days when you can help it! If you must rake in the wind, rake in the same direction – that way, you’ll let nature do some of the leaf blowing! Likewise, befriend gravity by raking downhill when possible. Finally, don’t rake leaves after it rains. Leaves are actually heavier when they’re wet, which can slow your productivity big time.

Tip #3: Upgrade Your Tools

You may be tempted to grab the old rake at the back of the shed for this chore, but upgrading your tools can do wonders for your efficiency and your sanity. When purchasing a new rake, look for one with an ergonomic handle design (which will prevent you from uncomfortably bending as you rake) and a wide head in order to rake more leaves per sweep.

For the technologically savvy, consider investing in an electric leaf sucker or a power rake! Power rakes remove thatch, which prevents air, light, and water from reaching the root zone of your lawn. Because thatching can be stressful to lawns, only use your power rake when thatch is thick than half an inch.

Tip #4: Simplify the Transportation

Don’t move whole leaves with your hands unless you absolutely have to – instead, trust your tarp and other tools at your disposal to help make the transportation process easier! For simple transportation, rake leaves directly onto a tarp or into a garbage bag. When using a garbage bag, stomp on your pile to increase the number of leaves per bag.

Make separate piles of leaves as opposed to one large pile so you don’t have to drag leaves across the yard. In addition, if there are just a few leaves gracing the ground, considering mowing them into your lawn. They will provide great nutrients for your grass and will buy you some time in completing your next raking job.

Tip #5: Don’t Overdo It

At the end of the day, leaves are just leaves. Be sure your main entrances and pathways are cleared but don’t worry about raking your entire yard until your tree branches are bare. You’ll just have to pull the rake out again – why not wait until your trees are done shedding? Raking is time-consuming, so be sure you’re staying hydrated and taking a break from time to time. If all else fails, grab the kids and jump in a pile or two. It’ll make for some priceless autumn memories!

Don’t resent your rake this fall – use these tips and rake smarter, not harder. Looking for a grounds keeping professional to handle your leaves and other outdoor needs? Check out The Grounds Guys, one of our Neighborly brands!

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