Preparing Your Home for Holiday Guests

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The holidays have arrived! Now is the time to get your house “guest-ready” for this special season. With so much to do, you’d probably rather enjoy a holiday movie with your family and let the professionals do the work for you. Neighborly’s home service brands offer everything you need to get your home ready for the holidays from top to bottom.

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Whether your gatherings are small or large, remote or in town, they will still require some effort. Let our friendly home service professionals at Neighborly give you your free time back so you can enjoy the holidays to the fullest. Browse all our home services and get matched with a local Neighborly company on the new Neighborly App.

When you download the checklist PDF (46kb), you'll find several helpful reminders like:

  • Save time and treat your home with a professional deep cleaning prior to guests' arrival.
  • Keep your kitchen appliances in tip-top condition so they can handle all the cooking.
  • Have your dishwasher's food trap emptied and cleaned up help your dishwasher function more efficiently, reduce the needs for repairs, reduce odors and get your dishes cleaner.
  • Illuminate your walkways with outdoor lighting for guests as they come and go.
  • Allow a professional to expertly install and remove your holiday lighting and décor for fun without the fuss.

Neighborly Holiday Checklist 2021 PDF (46kb) - Opens in a New Tab

Do you need assistance with any of the home maintenance items on your list? We're here to help. Visit our home page or download the new Neighborly app to explore our services and connect with a local Neighborly pro.

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