Neighborly Tips for Weathering the Storm

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Natural disasters like hurricanes, severe storms, and floods aren’t mindful of your schedule and can arrive at any time. The best thing you can do for your family is to prepare long before the storm arrives.

Preparing for unpredictable weather situations can feel daunting. You might be thinking, “How do I know what I don’t know?” It’s easy to feel like there might be necessary tasks you’re overlooking.

lightning clouds storm over small group of homes

Take the guesswork out of preparing for a storm with this comprehensive Unpredictable Weather/Storm Safety/Severe Weather Checklist PDF (84kb), courtesy of Neighborly®. This FREE resource will help ensure your home ready to weather any storm.

When you download your checklist, you’ll find several helpful tips for acting before and after severe weather, such as:

Before the Storm

  • Reattach loose window shutters and gutters.
  • Plug electricity-powered items into surge protectors.

After the Storm

  • Have roof professionally checked for damage.
  • Check for and repair cracks in stucco.

Click the image below to download your checklist!

Unpredictable Weather/Storm Safety/Severe Weather Checklist PDF (84kb)

Unpredictable Weather Checklist PDF (88kb)

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