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Water is a valuable resource. Put it in the spotlight this Earth Day, keeping the planet – and your wallet – a little greener for your green plumbing efforts. There are some simple, green ideas this Earth Day that include addressing your ‘leak list’ and flushing less water.

The great enemy of efficiency and conservation, even seemingly minor leaks - like that running toilet - can waste hundreds of gallons of water per day. Just a single dripping faucet wastes over 3,000 gallons per year, adding up to a lot of wasted green from your wallet annually. And leaks in the wall – yikes! We’re talking mold, rot – NOT good for your home environment, or your wallet.

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This year, tackle that honey-do list and finally put an end to those leaks. As for flushing your toilet less, we’re not talking about skipping a flush. Installing low-flush toilets could save you four-fifths of the amount of water your current model uses, depending on its age. Multiply that times the 28 gallons each person in your home flushes daily, that’s a bucket of savings!

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