It’s Time for a Bathroom Deep Clean

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It’s fair to assume that you do your “cleaning up” – brushing your teeth,  washing your face, shampooing your hair – in the bathroom.  You depend on this room each morning to look your best and tackle the day.  However, what about your toothbrush laying behind? Your wet towel on the hook? The room you do your “cleaning” in could very likely use a cleaning itself.

Even if you clean your bathroom regularly, there are several areas that are particularly germy and need some extra attention. Keep reading to discover five of the germiest areas in your bathroom (they might surprise you!) and how to ensure they’re cleaner for the future.

dirty bathroom sink and faucet
  • Bath Mat – Though you might be clean when you step out of the shower and onto the bath mat, you’re wet – and that water doesn’t dry very easily. Your bath mat is constantly damp, providing a breeding ground for all kinds of germs. The solution? Launder your mat every one or two weeks to ensure it is washed and totally dried every now and then. For wooden mats, a quick swipe with an antibacterial wipe will help.
  • Shower Ledges – Do you store shampoos and soaps on the ledges in your shower? Take a moment to scoot your bottles to the side – chances are you’ll find uninvited hair and buildup. Not only is this unpleasant to look at, but other yucky substances may stick to soaps and shampoo when it just sits there. The solution? Try moving your bottles to different ledges so you remember to thoroughly clean them more frequently. In addition, consider hanging your bottles from a storage rack around your showerhead!
  • Toothbrush Holder – The third area on this list is the third germiest in your home according to recent studies. You may know the last time you replaced your toothbrush, but it’s likely you’ve never even thought to clean your toothbrush holder. You’ve made the right choice by storing your toothbrush upright for maximum ventilation, but the holder itself could use some help. The solution? Throw your toothbrush holder in the dishwasher or wipe it down thoroughly with wipes, inside and out. Make sure you tap your toothbrush on the side of the sink to prevent any kind of water/toothpaste suds from dripping down into the holder.
  • Sink Drain – Is your sink drain suffering from globs of toothpaste and other buildups? You wash down toothpaste and bacteria from your hands constantly– it’s no surprise that the collection point could be germ-infested. The solution? Scrub your sink drain with disinfectant and always wipe the drain on the spot to prevent future buildup.
  • Loofah – Let’s face it – your loofah is nothing more than a cute little puff of germs. While it can be a useful shower tool for scrubbing your body clean, if it’s been there for more than a few months, it’s been there too long. Not to mention, if you’re not rinsing your loofah with hot water, dead skin will sit there too. The solution? Fight the constant dampness by throwing out your loofah every few weeks. Be sure you’re hanging the loofah to dry – preferably in a spot where the shower head won’t drip water on it.

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