How to Get More Natural Light in a Room

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How to Make a Room Brighter

If you’re wondering how to get more natural light in a room—or at least make it feel brighter and cheerier—the best approach is starting small and continuing until you achieve the desired results. From simple to artistic to elaborate, the process may look something like this.

  • Have Your Windows Cleaned: If it’s been a while since your windows were deep cleaned, you might be amazed by how much brighter a room is after you have your windows professionally cleaned. Hiring a pro to do this job will ensure your windows are clean and streak-free. Clean windows not only help increase the amount of natural light, but they also look great too!
  • Trim Trees: One of the easiest ways to bring more natural light into a house is to reduce the amount of landscaping that may be blocking it. Even trees or shrubs that seems far away from a window, can reduce the amount of natural light throughout certain times of the day. However, if climbing a ladder and trimming trees and/or shrubs is not your thing, hire a pro to help. A professional service can get the job done in less time, without damaging your trees, shrubs, while keeping you safely on the ground.
  • Rearrange Furniture and Décor: Figure out which parts of the room get the most natural light. Are there lots of objects crowding those areas? When things like dark-colored wall hangings, large furniture, and bookshelves are directly across from a window, they absorb the light and create a dimmer atmosphere. Start by reducing any clutter and rearrange some furniture (if possible) to see if it helps brighten the room.
  • Add Mirrors and Statement Art: Do mirrors make a room brighter? Absolutely. Not only do mirrors reflect light to illuminate the entire space, but you can customize a mirror to complement existing decor and furnishings.
  • Change the Lighting: One way to make a room brighter is to literally add more lights! Light fixtures with cloudy glass are an excellent choice, as they create a pleasant, diffused glow. Lights that point upward, such as sconces and standing lamps, are also good options for brightening a room, especially in rooms with low ceilings.
  • Change the bulbs: In addition to lighting fixtures, the bulbs you use will also affect the atmosphere of a room. Try using warm white incandescent light bulbs or “natural” LED light bulbs to simulate daylight. Many homeowners prefer the look and feel of incandescent bulbs, as some white LED bulbs can appear too blue or cold. 40 or 50 watts is usually enough to brighten a space, without overwhelming it. However, there are many other light bulb options you might like.
  • Paint the Walls in a Matte Finish: Did you know the sheen of paint can impact how light reflects off walls? Applying a flat or matte finish to walls helps reflect light evenly throughout a room. Glossy paint finishes aren’t as helpful, as they tend to produce a glare. Using neutral and light paint colors can make a room look brighter. If you need help choosing and applying the perfect paint, contact a local painting professional for some recommendation, and to get the job done.
  • Paint the Ceiling: Don’t underestimate the power of paint on other surfaces that aren’t walls. Painting your ceiling a light color, like a bright white, will help reflect more light. If you have white walls and want a little contrast, try a soft ceiling color—maybe a light blue or gray—to give the room an airy and spacious feel.
  • Painting Cabinets: Painting cabinets a light color is another easy way to highlight the natural light in a room. White is usually a safe choice; other options include seafoam green and subtle blue hues. Painting the nooks and crannies of your cabinetry like a pro can be tricky, so you might want to consider a cabinet painting service to get the job done right!
  • Update the Flooring: If you’re struggling to get more natural light in a house, it might be time to rethink the flooring. Light-colored tiles or wood are a great way to brighten a room. Light colored tile can help reflect light and is also easy to clean! A light wood floor is another option for brightening up a space. Whether you’re ready for new tile, hardwood, laminate, or high-quality vinyl flooring, hiring a local professional to install it can make your flooring vision a reality sooner, rather than later. For a quick fix, add a light area rug to your space!
  • Add Windows: One of the best ways to bring more natural light into your space, regardless of home décor choices, is by adding a window, or two. Increasing the size, shape and/or location of a window can make a significant difference in the amount of light in a room and throughout your home. And with so many window options to choose from, it’s best to get window advice from a pro before you make a final decision. Whether you’re interested in replacing one or two windows, or upgrading all your entire home, new windows can make a big difference when it comes to increasing the amount of light in your home.

Reasons to Brighten Your Home

Did you know that bringing more natural light into your home office can help increase your overall productivity? Natural light can also help ward off depression, improve sleep and boost vitamin D levels. In addition to the many benefits, there are also a lot of options to consider. With the help of Neighborly home service experts, we can help you find the option(s) that work best for you. See which home service pros are available near you to get your projects started.

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