Helpful Keychain Gadgets to Keep You Safe

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Sometimes the world is a scary place (like when you’re walking through a parking lot late at night and think that person in the trench coat is following you). Luckily, there are a few things you can do to protect yourself, including self-defense classes or maybe one of these helpful keychain gadgets.

Keychain gadgets including flashlight and keys

Pepper Spray

You may have seen pepper spray as a kid and were told it wasn’t a toy, and it definitely is not. Pepper spray can hold a useful place on your keychain.

Pepper spray is super easy to use and equally effective in self-defense situations. If you’ve ever sneezed while cooking with pepper, imagine that tingling sensation in your eyes multiplied by 20. Pepper spray has some limitations, such as it’s only effective up to 10 feet, it expires and it can be difficult to aim. Even with these cons, pepper spray remains one of the most popular self-defense items on the market.

LED Flashlight

Small, LED flashlights on a keychain make an excellent addition to your self-defense gadget collection. They’re a lot brighter than you may think and are an excellent tool to shine in someone’s eyes and temporarily blind them or simply use to light your path through a dark parking lot. Rarely bigger than a USB drive, these small flashlights are easy to carry on the keychain and come in handy in dimly lit places.

Personal Security Alarm

If someone suspicious is walking toward you and you’re near your car, you can trigger your vehicle alarm to alert others that something is wrong. If you’re not near your vehicle, a keychain personal security alarm comes in handy. When you push an alarm button on the alarm, it can cause the person to run away. When that happens, a small keychain alarm could save the day (or your peace of mind!).

Multi-Tool Gadget

Carrying several screwdrivers and a small knife isn’t exactly practical. This is why a multi-tool gadget on your keychain can come in handy! These gadgets often include a screwdriver, a straight blade knife and a bottle opener. There are many options on the market, in varying price ranges, so find one that works best for you.

Phone Charger

We live in a world fueled by phones, and it can be scary to be stuck somewhere and have a dead phone. Having a portable phone charger on your keychain can provide you with a battery boost to make a call and get help quickly. Most keychain USB phone charger gadgets are small and fit easily on your keychain for quick access. They are available in different battery charging capacities, so do some shopping and find the best one for you!

If You Lose Your Keys Often…

Have you ever seriously considered calling a cab to pick you up because you can’t find your keys? A key finder gadget is a must for you! Losing your keys is never a fun experience — especially if you’re in an empty, dark parking lot or anywhere unfamiliar. Key finder gadgets use Bluetooth to locate whatever you attached the device to and allow you to find an item quickly. Check out the various key find options available!

It’s important to know that all of these gadgets are only as effective as you are ready to use them. Sometimes, your most important tool is your sharp mind and emergency preparedness. For more expert advice and tips, check out our other blogs!

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