Get Smart About Trees and Where to Plant Them

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Trees are arguably the most gorgeous pieces of outdoor décor. Not only do they spruce (pun intended!) up your backyard landscaping, but they also purify the air, provide a shady space to relax, house backyard animals like birds and squirrels and even produce fresh fruit. When envisioning your outdoor spaces, you may have a particular tree in mind that you’d like to plant. However, will that tree thrive in your particular region?

Neighborly invites you to get smart about trees and where you plant them. Identifying something called a “hardiness zone” is the simplest way to figure out what trees grow best in your area. You may want to plant an elm tree, but if your home isn’t found in zones three through nine, you may want to reconsider your tree of choice.

Ready to make a smart landscaping decision based on your hardiness zone? Check out this expert blog by The Grounds Guys, a Neighborly brand!

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