From Our Kitchen to Yours: Refrigerator Meals

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Summertime is generally regarded as a carefree time of year, but chances are you’re still incredibly busy. Between corralling the crew for summer camp or cleaning up after a backyard barbecue, you’ve got a lot on your plate – certainly too much to think about what’s going on your dinner plate!

Extensive meal preparation doesn’t have to top your summer to-do list. All you need is a little pre-planning and a refrigerator! From overnight oats to no-bake energy bites, pre-made meals in your refrigerator can be your saving grace on a busy summer day.

Ready to discover some of the best ways to utilize your refrigerator this summer? Check out this expert blog from our Mr. Appliance, one of our Neighborly brands!

Modern kitchen with red cabinets and stainless steel refrigerator
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