Fireplace Makeovers That Will Redefine Your Living Space

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Fireplace burning with brick surround.

A fireplace is a nice addition to any home, but if you already have one and it’s not quite enhancing your home’s appeal, the answer could be a fireplace makeover.

While many people leave their fireplaces as is and only use them during the coldest months, renovating yours can add value to your home year-round. Of course, you need to know your options before deciding how to proceed with your fireplace remodel.

Our team has assembled nine of our favorite fireplace makeover ideas to help you find the upgrade that suits your needs and tastes.

Nine Fireplace Makeover Ideas

Because fireplaces are usually added in when a home is built, they tend to become dated. But you can make yours more appealing with any of the following fireplace makeover ideas:

1. Custom Mantel Additions

Many fireplaces come with a functional but uninspired mantel. Today, you can get your hands on countless mantels that reflect your design sensibilities and personality. Consider adding a mantel made of granite, reclaimed wood, or another unexpected material to really make your fireplace stand out.

2. Shelving Improvements

Every fireplace is functional to some degree, but most don’t offer anything beyond some heat and a bit of décor space on the mantel. By adding shelves above and around your fireplace, you can up your décor density and add some storage options to your home.

3. Tile Installation and Repair

Few things look as great as a tiled fireplace. The reflective surface flickers with the light of the flames, as if you had hundreds of smaller fires burning around the main one. You can add this luxurious look to your home with a tile installation for your fireplace.

4. Lighting Upgrades to Draw Focus

We tend to think of a fireplace as something that gives off light, but when compared to modern LED lights, they don’t stand a chance and tend to look dim when the lights are on. Using recessed lighting or track lighting to shine a spotlight on your fireplace can drastically shift the appearance of the whole living room and make your hearth even more appealing.

5. Fireplace Painting and Staining

If your fireplace is surrounded by wood or brick, chances are it’s not the prettiest material you’ve ever seen. Painting and staining the area around your fireplace can change that. Staining allows you to capitalize on that natural wood grain look. Conversely, you can wow your visitors with boldly painted brick or wood.

6. Fireplace Door Addition or Repair

Fireplace doors are great for when you want to use the fireplace but don’t want the heat. These glass doors can also help protect pets and young children from burns.

7. Gas Fireplace Upgrade

It’s common to come across someone with a fireplace they don’t use. Often, that’s because wood fireplaces are inconvenient and slow to start. If you want to skip the hassle, upgrade to a gas fireplace insert.

8. Granite Surround Addition

A granite surround changes the whole appearance of your living room. Like tile, granite has a reflective, even sparkling surface that will be illuminated by the flicker of firelight. It’s sure to capture the attention of anyone who sets foot near the fireplace.

9. Cabinetry Implementation

Adding cabinets near your fireplace is a great way to expand your storage options without sacrificing aesthetics. You can go a step further than just adding cabinets by painting them a bold color or staining them to show off the luxurious wood grain. We recommend hiring a professional service to take care of the carpentry for you.

Upgrade Your Fireplace in Time for Winter with Help from Neighborly

If you want to spruce up your home this holiday season, a fireplace remodel is a surefire way to make an impression. Our family of brands is ready and waiting to help you no matter which renovation method you choose. Contact us now to see how we can help turn your standard fireplace into something unforgettable.

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