Don't Run In The Heat Without These 5 Things

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A treadmill provides runners with consistently even ground, shock absorption, control of speed and elevation, and a cool, air-conditioned environment to sweat it out! However, for some runners, no amount of indoor convenience outweighs the “high” they achieve running outdoors.

If this sounds like you, take note – the summer heat has arrived! It’s important to adequately adjust your running habits to the increase in temperature outdoors. Neighborly has organized five essentials for running in the summer heat – don’t walk out the door without them!

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  1. Water belt/hydration pack – The number-one priority when running in the heat is staying hydrated. Carrying a water bottle isn’t ideal, but adding a hand strap to your bottle can make it convenient and comfortable. If you prefer to run hands-free, consider strapping a hydration pack or water belt on your waist – that way, your water container is attached snugly to your body as you run. Remember, it’s important to hydrate before and after your run as well. Aim for drinking at least eight ounces of water before leaving the house. Not interested in carrying water with you? Map out a run that hits water fountains along the way or ends at a local convenient store for some post-run hydration.
  2. Wicking fabrics – When running in the summer heat, it’s crucial to wear clothing that is loose-fitting and made of a wicking technical fiber – this goes for shirts, leggings, shorts and socks! Wicking fabrics draw moisture away from your body –the more you can incorporate into your running outfit, the better. Choose fabrics that are lightly colored so you’re reflecting the sun’s rays away from your body, not toward it.
  3. Mesh hat – Keep the summer sun out of your eyes with a great running hat. It’s important to avoid hats made of thick fabric that fits too snugly on your head. Instead, choose a hat that fits a little looser (consider a visor as well!) and is made of breathable, mesh fabric. Look for hats with mesh “vents” to keep your head cool.
  4. Sunscreen – Putting on sunscreen is absolutely essential when running under the hot sun. Consider a light, sport sunscreen that comes in a convenient spray bottle. This formula won’t weigh you down and can easily be placed in your water belt! Choose an oil-free formula to prevent post-run breakouts.
  5. Sunglasses – Choosing sunglasses for running outdoors is a lot like choosing your footwear. Just like you wouldn’t wear sandals or high heels on your run, you shouldn’t grab your aviators or oversized frames, either. For running sunglasses, choose a style that provides you with a comfortable and stable fit. By wearing sunglasses, the sun won’t strain your eyes and you’ll be able to run longer and more comfortably.

Don’t let the summer heat slow you down! Stay cool, comfortable and hydrated with these five summer running essentials. For more summer tips, check out more helpful blogs from Neighborly!

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