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Studies have shown that the best burglar deterrent is the utilization of a home security system. (For Neighborly’s advice on all things home security, check out this Neighborly blog!) While investing in a home security system is fundamental in protecting your home and your loved ones inside it, there are several simple features that come standard with your home that can help keep you safe. Don’t underestimate them!

Summertime is the most common time for break-ins (for more on the timing of home invasions, check out this Neighborly blog!), so there’s never been a better time to secure your home than now. The good news? You can start with the simple stuff! Do a quick security check on your house with this guide.

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Standard Security Features You Might Be Neglecting

  • Door locks – Locks on your doors come standard and help secure your home with little effort. With kids running in and out of the house this summer, it’s important to remind them to lock the door behind them. Don’t forget the sliding glass door! A wooden dowel is an affordable solution to prevent burglars from breaking the glass or pushing the door off its tracks.
  • Peephole – The peephole is your tiny window to what’s on the other side of your front door – take advantage of it! If your front door doesn’t have a peephole, consider installing one – most cost less than 10 dollars. Newer models have a 200-degree viewing range!
  • Motion sensor floodlights – If your home has this technology, be sure you’re utilizing it. Motion sensor floodlighting is an easy way to identify and expose something fishy going on in the backyard.
  • Window locks – Like locks for your doors, windows come with latches and locks built-in for added security. Be sure if you open a window to let the warm summer breeze inside, you secure it when you’re finished. Consider window break alarms for added protection.
  • Fence locks/latches – The fence serves as a kind of “wall” to protect your backyard and home, so it’s important to keep the fence itself protected as well. Be sure your fence is latched securely as you’re moving in and out while gardening or maintaining the pool. Don’t make this step easy on a burglar!
  • Closed garage door – Like the fence, the garage door is the additional wall of protection for the door that goes straight into your home. Don’t let this basic security feature go to waste! Instead of leaving the garage door open for hours on those summer afternoons spent outdoors, keep it shut and locked. Remember, an open garage door exposing expensive items is just a preview of what’s inside – don’t give away this valuable information.

A Few More Tips and Tricks

  • Perform a mock burglary – To truly grasp how to best protect your home from invasion, consider walking in a burglar’s shoes. Are your valuables in plain sight? Can you see right through the windows at night? If you can identify security vulnerability, they probably can too.
  • Install security cameras (real or fake!) – Security cameras are a great home security investment – you can even monitor activity remotely from your smartphone. It’s also possible to install fake systems as a deterrent!
  • Secure the storage shed – Don’t forget about the valuables in your storage shed! Secure this extension of your home with a traditional lock or padlock.
  • Don’t forget the doggy door – Believe it or not, the doggy (or kitty!) door can be used as an entrance for burglars. Newer models have been built to address this concern, but if yours is a little older, be sure to lock it at night.
  • Trim the plants – Overgrown plants serve as perfect hiding places, so be sure to keep them trimmed and short.
  • Kick out the hidden key – It’s common to hide a spare key under the doormat or in the flowerpot, but beware – burglars know your spots! Get to know your neighbors and trust them with a spare key instead.

Don’t allow your home to be vulnerable to invasion this summer – implement these simple solutions and protect your family and valuables today. For more ideas and advice for the home, check out more helpful blogs here.

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