Budget Gardening: How to Grow Vegetables from Scraps

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If you’ve just completed a DIY furniture project for your “outdoor living room,” chances are you’re looking for something to do that will help you fully enjoy this updated space. This is the perfect time to think about building a beautiful vegetable garden.

Did you know? You can plant your own garden using leftover vegetable scraps. Not only is this an inexpensive way to keep enjoying your favorite healthy foods, it’s a great way to save the environment using very little space.

bowl of vegetable scraps for gardening

Here are five popular vegetables you can grow over and over in your own backyard.


Cilantro is very easy to grow at home. To do so, place your store-bought stems in a glass of water. Ensure your glass is situated in a sunny windowsill. You can do this in style with an attractive window garden box. Let Mr. Handyman know if you’d like help building and installing one.

When these stems grow roots, transfer your little plant into a pot. After patiently waiting for just a few weeks, you’ll receive new sprigs!


Buying celery from the store this week? See your own celery grow in the backyard next week! Don’t toss your celery base in the trash – instead, place it in a bowl of warm water near a sunny windowsill. Change this water every few days.

After about one week, transfer your celery base to a planter and cover with soil, only exposing leafy greens that are beginning to sprout. Water it well, and watch your stalks soar! Note: It will likely take a few weeks to see your celery plant fully flourish.


Want to grow some garlic? You just need one clove!

Grab your store-bought garlic and pull off a single clove. Plant in potting soil with the roots facing down, about two inches deep. Water well and ensure it gets plenty of sunlight. To receive a bulb, cut back new shoots as you notice them!

Green Onions

Has your green onion “bottom” made a home in the bottom of your trash can? Not so fast! With those “bottoms,” you can harvest more green onions quickly.

Get started by slicing off the bottom portion of the onion, leaving the roots intact. Fill a starter pot with soil and carve an indentation about the size of your onion “bottom.” Place your onion in the soil and set it in a sunny windowsill. You will see green in just a few days! You can harvest onion tops quickly, or wait a little while for bulbs to mature.


Have your “eye” on growing your own potatoes? Save leftover potato pieces with at least one to two eyes of their own – each eye can grow into its own plant. Let your pieces sit out overnight to ensure they are completely dry.

Fill a planter with soil, and plant your newly dried pieces about four inches deep. Keep the planter in full sun. You’ll have your own potatoes in no time! Note: It will likely take a few weeks to see your potatoes fully flourish.

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DIY gardening can be extremely rewarding. Whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned gardener, our pros at The Grounds Guys can help you plan for the gardening season.

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