Backyard Oasis Staycation: Ideas for Fun & Simple Luxury

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Need a little rest and relaxation this summer? Sometimes, planning an extravagant (and often expensive) vacation is just the kind of stress you’re trying to avoid.

The solution? Take a “staycation!” We’ve got great ideas for fun and simple luxury, right in your backyard.

group of young adults having a party in the backyard

  • Unplug. If you’re truly going to get away at home, “unplug” from the things that consume your everyday life – your smart phone, your computer, your email – whatever takes your attention away from relaxation. Don’t forget to set that “out of office” auto-reply message!
  • Venture to the water. Whether it’s a nearby beach or lake, your best friend’s pool or the sprinklers in your backyard, water is synonymous with vacation in the summertime.
  • Play “tourist” in your own city. If you haven’t already, now’s the time to do that “thing” people visit your city to do! Look at your town through a visitor’s eyes and rediscover why you love where you live.
  • Discover a hiking or bike trail. More likely than not, you’ve overlooked a great one on your daily commute to work. Don’t forget the bug spray!
  • Tackle the desirable “to do” list. We’re not talking about “mow the lawn” or “pressure wash the deck” – although we’ve got pros who can help with these tasks! Gift yourself with time to do whatever it is you’ve been wanting to do “at some point.” You deserve it!
  • Have dinner delivered. One of the best parts of a traditional vacation is a break from cooking. Set down the spatula and grab the take-out menus. Assign each family member a meal or night of the week to choose the cuisine.
  • Turn on the movie magic. Whether this means a trip to your local theater, or grabbing several flicks to take home, dim the lights and pop the popcorn – the show’s about to begin! For extra fun, find a drive-in movie theater near you.
  • Book a spa day. Who says couple’s massages only exist on a beach? Get to know your local day spa and look online for coupons and daily specials.
  • Get lost in a book. Be honest – how long has your bookmark lived between page 26 and 27? A staycation is the perfect time to get lost in that book. Find a chaise lounge and dive in!
  • Make your home feel like a vacation home! Is that leaky faucet, dingy siding, or unorganized hall closet driving you nuts? Kick your feet up and hire a pro to take care of it for you. Updating your home and making it feel like will give you the peace of mind you need to enjoy the relaxation you deserve!

A staycation is a great low-stress, low-cost way to recharge your batteries. Schedule one of our trusted Neighborly experts to care for your home so you can stay busy enjoying it this summer.

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