A Spooky Take on Halloween Party Food

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Fun party food can turn even the grumpiest gremlin into a happy pumpkin this Halloween!

What’s cookin’ at your Halloween party this year? Check out some of our easiest, spookiest ideas.

Halloween candy on a plate

Spooky Snack Ideas

  • Mummies in a Blanket – These aren’t your usual pigs in a blanket! Wrap a mini hot dog or sausage in dough. Leave part of the sausage exposed and draw mustard or ketchup eyes after baking.
  • Vat of Goo – Take your classic chips and guacamole to the next level. Try adding cannellini beans and diced tomatoes for extra chunkiness!
  • Bat Wings – Make your favorite bat (well, chicken) wing recipe! To get that bat wing blackness, try using black food coloring to darken a teriyaki sauce recipe.
  • Creepy Smiles – Put a little peanut butter on two half-inch red apple slices, add a line of small marshmallows between them, and you have a tasty and creepy snack!
  • Strawberry Ghosts – You’ve seen chocolate covered strawberries, but not like this! Use white chocolate for these and once they cool, squeeze or brush on dark chocolate to give your ghosts a face.
  • Witch’s Brew – Mix frozen limeade concentrate with ginger ale and green food coloring. Then, add a big scoop of lime sherbet on top. Extra points for bloody cups! (Red food gel on the rims!)
  • Witch Fingers – These are so spooky, you might have trouble eating them! Grab some hot dogs, use a knife to make finger-like lines and nails, and don’t forget to add ketchup blood.
  • Clementine Pumpkins – Peeled clementines look just like little pumpkins. Add a tiny piece of celery to give it a stem and enjoy this healthy, festive treat.
  • Spooky Sugar Cookies – Cookie decorating is fun any time of year, but Halloween is an opportunity to make it spooky! Try using a pumpkin- or ghost-shaped cookie cutter. Add some frosting or sprinkles for a little extra festive scare.

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