Tips for Making Moving Easier

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Everyone can agree that moving is not the easiest thing in the world. There is so much to do and you didn’t even realize how much stuff you had until you have to put it all in boxes and haul it somewhere else. Although moving can be difficult, there are some ways to ease that pain a bit. sold sign

Clean it out:

You will likely have some notice that you are going to be moving, whether that be a closing date or a move-in date, there is some time you have to prepare. Hopefully, it’s at least a couple of weeks rather than just a few days.

Make sure to clean out your closets, bedroom, and even your kitchen. If you haven’t used something within the last year, you might want to give it away or throw it out. If you think through some of your things, it will make moving much easier because you will have less to move later on.

This is also a great time to redecorate if you are considering it. This is the time you can give away your old plates or decorations and purchase new ones for your new home.

Pack it up:

There are multiple tips for packing. First, you will want to take a mental inventory of the room and ask yourself a couple of things:

  • Will I use this again before I move?
  • Is this an important document/necessary for the move?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, set it aside and don’t pack it yet.

You will also want to label your boxes with what room they will be going in. This helps when you get to your new home; you will know specifically where each box goes.

Another way to make the unpacking process easier is by making a list of things that are in each box and taping that list to the outside of the container. This will help if you don’t have time to unpack but need something out of one box once at your new home.


This is usually the most time-consuming part because you have to find a place for everything, even when all your furniture might not be completely unpacked yet. Organization is key. You will want to unpack one box at a time; otherwise, you will find yourself with multiple boxes half unpacked and it can make the whole project take much longer.

Understand that this can take a few days or weeks to get completely unpacked and settled in your new home.

Don’t forget!

Moving is hectic, but there are a few things you cannot forget:

  1. Filing a change of address: This is something you need to do with your bank, the government, your work, and even on online stores you frequently order from.
  2. Keep important documents handy, in case there are any hiccups at the closing.
  3. Make sure to make copies of your key for your immediate family and in case you lose your original copy. When moving, it is so easy to misplace an item; having one or two extra keys can help ease this frustration.
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