HVAC Advice from Experts

Did you know? Two-thirds of the energy in your home is used up by your heating and cooling system. Knowing how to control your HVAC system is crucial for ensuring efficiency in performance and cost. It’s important that the air inside your home is clean for its surroundings.

small HVAC AC unit

To prevent unnecessary issues, change your air filter regularly. Proper maintenance will keep your HVAC system functioning well, and increase its lifespan. For cutting the costs of your energy bill, reverse the direction of your fan each season. Also, keep an eye on the thermostat numbers to ensure it’s not set too hot or too cold. As the seasons change from winter to summer, remember maintenance procedures vary. Prior to summer, a professional must strip down the air conditioner condenser and check the coolant level. Leading into the winter months, the furnace needs to be evaluated.

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