How to Make More Time in the New Year

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Have you created a resolution for the new year? Over the holidays, it’s easy to be inspired and motivated to achieve your new goals. However, when the busyness of reality sets in once again, you might find it difficult to make time for the gym or for reading that book you’ve been dying to read.

This predicament is nothing new – who couldn’t use more hours in their day? Thankfully, Neighbourly has some tips and tricks to help you make more time in the new year and start achieving your goals!

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  • Make a list – When all your “to-dos” are swirling around in your head, it’s tough to get anything done. Get it down on paper so you can spend less time remembering what you need to do and more time doing it.
  • Wake up early – Not a morning person? Waking up even 30 minutes earlier can dramatically change the flow of your day and give you extra time to get things done.
  • Make use of the “in between” – It’s incredible how much you can accomplish in the “in between,” random pockets of time in your day. Put on ‘hold’ with the credit card company? Read that article you’ve been meaning to read. Commuting to work? Listen to an audio book during your drive time.
  • Time yourself – Often, we have no idea where our time is spent. Keep a journal of the tasks you complete each day and how long it takes you to complete them. This practice provides a wealth of information!
  • Delegate – You can’t do everything, so it’s OK to delegate! Whether this be at home or at the office, take something off your plate and see if someone else can take it on.
  • Call it “done” – No one is perfect. Instead of always striving for perfection, strive for your best (whatever that may be at that point in time) and move on.
  • Minimize screentime – Studies have shown Americans devote more than 10 hours per day to “screentime,” whether that be in front of a TV, computer, or a smartphone. Take small steps to minimize this screentime. You might do this by limiting yourself to only watching your favourite shows or setting your phone aside at a certain time of night.
  • Prioritize – Decide what’s most important and make it a priority in your day. If something can be moved to tomorrow to lighten your load, use a planner to allocate time for the task tomorrow.
  • Automate when possible – Personalization is key to making lasting connections with people, but do you find yourself getting similar emails that prompt similar responses? Consider preparing an automated response for those messages. Still paying your bills in person/via your mailbox? Switch to automated online payments.
  • Learn to say “no” – To the “people pleaser,” this one’s for you: it’s OK to put yourself first. You can’t serve others effectively without first taking care of yourself. Say “no” when necessary and free up time for the things you love.
  • Hire a professional – Even with these time-saving tips, time is still precious and limited. How much time do you spend mowing the lawn or cleaning your house? Hiring someone to complete these tasks will allow you to spend more time with your family.

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