Gifts for Neighbours They'll Actually Love

If you’re not friends with your neighbours, we have good news: It’s never too late to change that!

Maybe they’ve just moved in and you want to extend a warm welcome. Or, perhaps you’ve been neighbours for years, but no real connection has been made. (Yet!) A thoughtful gift is a great way to start the conversation.

Bag of candy hanging from a doorknob

Tasteful, Personalized and Helpful Gifts

Cookies and casseroles are classic, but your neighbourly gift-giving doesn’t have to be limited to these items. Check out a few of our favourite ideas for tasteful, personalized and helpful gifts they’ll love.

  • Tiny Door-Handle Gift Bags – Welcome them at the front door with a tiny door-handle gift bag. Find some ribbon and a small, clear bag to tie candy or other small gifts to their door handle.
  • Batch of Baked Goods – We lied. Baked goods, like a plate of warm cookies, make wonderful gifts! Surprise your neighbours with something different, like chocolate-covered strawberries.
  • Live Wreath – Live wreaths are a beautiful gift with zero commitment. Your neighbour will be excited to display your gift on their door without feeling obligated to keep it up forever.
  • Fresh Flowers – You can’t go wrong with a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers. Cut some from your garden or choose a store-bought arrangement. Don’t forget the vase!
  • Lemonade Kit – When a neighbour gives you lemons, make lemonade! Prepare a pretty glass pitcher with lemons and a wooden spoon.
  • Bottle of Wine – Like flowers, you can’t go wrong with a bottle of wine. Even if your neighbour doesn’t decide to drink it, they’ll have a great go-to gift for another event on their schedule.
  • Takeout Menu Bundle – Collect your favourite takeout menus from local restaurants and bundle them together with a ribbon. Don’t forget to circle your favourite dishes!
  • Bagel Breakfast – If you’re grabbing bagels and coffee for your family one Saturday morning, consider getting a second batch for your neighbour. Don’t ring the doorbell too early, though!
  • Moving-Day Snacks – Are your neighbours just moving in? Purchase fruit or packaged snack items that they can grab easily and keep going. They’ll be immensely grateful!
  • Happy Houseplants – Add something new and green to your neighbour’s décor! A happy houseplant will encourage pure air and boost the overall mood.
  • Seasonal Doormat – Like a live wreath, a fun doormat is a thoughtful gift your neighbour can set out for a holiday and put away for next year.
  • Contact Information and Local Favorites – With any gift you choose, always remember to include your basic contact information. Your neighbour will likely reciprocate!

While you’re at it, write a list of/share business cards for reputable home service professionals in your neighbourhood. They’ll be thankful to have a vetted list of folks they can trust!

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