Fire Safety for Kids

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When it comes to your home, we know keeping your family safe inside is top priority.

In the event of a house fire, would your kids know what to do? Preparation is power. Use these tips to help your kids recognize fire hazards and to create a household emergency plan with your family.

Fire safety tips

Child spraying water out of a hose and wearing firefighter helmet

The first step in keeping kids safe from fire is to prevent them from starting fires. The US Fire Administration says 300 people die each year due to children playing with fire. Here are some ways to arm your entire family with fire safety knowledge:

  • Keep lighters, matches, and other fire starters out of reach. Try flameless candles when possible.
  • Talk to your little ones about fire safety. Encourage questions – they may have a few!
  • Change smoke detector batteries once a year, and test your detector periodically.
  • Plan at least two escape routes from every room. Practice these plans with your family.
  • Teach your kids what smoke detectors sound like and what to do when they hear the alarm. These actions might include crawling to safety and feeling doors for heat.
  • Choose a meeting spot far away from your house in the event of a fire. Practice this drill.
  • Teach them to “stop, drop, and roll” in the event their clothes catch fire.
  • Use this fire safety checklist from Rainbow International, a Neighbourly company.

Help from the pros

Fire safety is serious. If you’d feel more confident with help from the pros, we can help with the preparation.

If you’re looking for a trusted home professional, we know a few! Explore the Neighbourly community of home service providers at

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