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Despite being a family of home service brands, Neighbourly is a big proponent of DIY home improvement projects! Many DIY projects repurpose items you already have in your home. Why not use something you already have to make your everyday life easier and more beautiful?

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Hang onto what’s left of summer by completing a DIY home improvement project or two. What better way to prep for a busy school year than to complete a project now that will lessen the load when fall arrives? Neighbourly has compiled a list of some of the easiest DIY projects you can learn how to do online.

  1. Outdoor Lighting – It’s time to light up your nights in the backyard! Outdoor lighting has the ability to transform a simple backyard into an outdoor oasis. This DIY blog from Mr. Electric features instructions on how to make candle lanterns, wine bottle tiki torchers, glowing orbs and more! Get the instructions here.
  2. Fix the Leaky Faucet – A leaky faucet can waste gallons of water (and tons of money!) over time. Don’t waste another second! You can fix your leaky faucet yourself. This Mr. Rooter blog provides instructions for four different kinds of faucets, so the fixtures in your home are covered. View the blog here!
  3. Install a Toilet – More likely than not, you take a trip to the toilet several times a day. You know you need one in your home – why not install it yourself? Learn how to easily install a toilet in this blog from Mr. Rooter. If you need some backup, a Mr. Rooter technician is always ready to help!
  4. Backyard Pond – Have you dreamed of putting a pond in your backyard? This is the DIY for you! While you may want to consult professionals like a landscape designer, electrician or plumber before you begin (especially if you’re considering a fountain in your design), this is a doable do-it-yourself project. Read this Mr. Rooter blog.
  5. Air Vent Covers – The covers on your air vents aren’t the prettiest accents in your home, but they could be! In this DIY project, the air vent possibilities are endless. You’ll have five cute ideas to choose from in this blog from Aire Serv – check them out here!
  6. Fireplace Screen – Speaking of covers, your fireplace screen doesn’t have to be boring, either. Glass Doctor can show you how to repurpose an old window to create the prettiest fireplace screen you’ve ever seen! Check out how to make this rustic piece of décor here.
  7. Decorative Mirrors – In another expert blog by Glass Doctor, the avid DIY-er can learn to make several kinds of decorative mirrors, utilizing materials like seashells, flowers and more. Discover new decorating tips and how to create your own unique mirror here.
  8. Drying Racks – Save money on your energy bill by using a dryer rack instead of your dryer from time to time. There are several different items you can repurpose to build these racks, including bead boards, crib springs and ladders. Learn more about how to create your own drying rack in this blog from Mr. Appliance!
  9. Prep for New Backsplash – Preparation is the most important step for drywall before any installation project. Mr. Handyman has tips to help a homeowner prep new or previously painted/textured drywall before adding a new backsplash in your kitchen! Check out our blog post.
  10. Fall in Love with Leaves – Have leaves started to fall in your yard yet? The Grounds Guys has some tips to help take the dread out of raking leaves. Consider a few of our seasonal décor ideas for your home, front door and porch! Read our DIY tips.

Need help completing any of these DIY projects? Call on one of our Neighbourly brands for assistance! A friendly professional is ready to help with your home service needs. Check out the full list of Neighbourly brands here.

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