7 Cool Vacation Items You Have to Pack

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Summer vacations are exciting and often chalk-full of exciting adventures for the whole family. Whether you’re heading to the beach, hiking and camping, or planning a trip that has a little bit of both, here are seven items you’ll want to pack with you (even if they aren’t necessities!).

beach chairs facing the water

Portable Take-Anywhere Action Camera

Portable, durable and waterproof, these small cameras should be on your list for sure. They can be strapped to your head or body, and pretty much any other surface, to capture videos and pictures of the most amazing moments of your trip. In addition to their convenience, most of these cameras are very durable. You can push them around, drop or bang them into surfaces, without seeing a lot of damage. Many even offer additional waterproof cases if your adventures lead you off land. Check out some options online.

Dry Bag

No matter where you’re going, having a dry bag in your belongings can be a lifesaver. Even if it’s not raining or you won’t be near water, dry bags are a safe place to store electronics from dirt and dust as well. Look for a larger one that rolls down and buckles for added security and tightness. Your local sporting goods stores will most likely carry them.

Micro USB fan

Remember those plastic battery-operated fans that hung around your neck at the water park? A USB fan is similar, but better. It runs off your phone battery, and delivers a pretty strong breeze for how small and compact they are. Having a fan will certainly be ideal for humid areas or places without air conditioning!

Portable Speaker

Definitely something fun but not necessary, a portable speaker can take your vacation to the next level. While sitting on the beach all day or camping out, bring along a small speaker that packs a lot of sound for extra aesthetic during your trip. Many are equipped with Bluetooth technology, meaning you can listen to your favorite playlists or online radio stations by synching the speakers with other devices, like your phone. Portable speakers can be found many general retail stores, or by shopping online.

Sandless beach mat/tote

If you like the feel of having sand all over you at the beach, these vacation items should definitely be on your packing list. Sandless beach items are typically made of material that keeps sand away by trapping it underneath. For example, you can relax mostly sand-free with a sandless beach mat. Additionally, using a beach tote that repels sand will help prevent the grains from covering items in your bag while at the beach. It will also reduce the chances of tracking sand back indoors with you.

Pocket-sized clothes washer

Doing laundry at a hotel or finding a nearby laundry mat can be an expensive hassle. But, if you spilled sauce on your shirt you plan to re-wear, what other option do you have?

Luckily, this hand washer from Scrubba solves your issues! It’s small enough to fit in your luggage and even in your pocket. All you need is clean water, then add the Scrubba detergent and your dirty clothes. In 3 minutes, you scrub your clothes within the bag, and then rinse. The brand claims the clothes come out as clean as if you had used a full-sized washing machine.

Small emergency kit

For most families, it wouldn’t be a vacation if something didn’t go wrong. For those moments, having a small emergency kit may be the answer. With bandages, tape, sewing items, rubber bands and even pain reliever, these “minimergency” kits are there to help any small issues get fixed fast.

Here’s to happy travels! Looking for other helpful tips? Read more of our blogs.

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