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Build the Home Sauna of Your Dreams

For some, there’s nothing like spending a few minutes in a hot sauna after a long day or a tough workout. What if you didn’t have to leave your house for this luxurious and detoxifying experience?

Skip the gym and spa! An at-home sauna is the ultimate addition to your self-care routine. Explore our considerations before building the home sauna of your dreams.


What is a sauna, anyway? Saunas aren’t new – they’ve been around for thousands of years. Used by the Finnish, saunas use dry heat to raise skin temperature and cause heavy sweating. Not only do saunas help you relax, but they also provide major health benefits, such pain relief, stress relief, asthma relief, improved cardiovascular health and more. Why not reap these benefits at home?

You can approach this project in several different ways. Sauna types include:

  • Outbuilding sauna
  • Converted shed sauna
  • Converted closet/indoor room sauna
  • Freestanding sauna kit
  • Building a sauna from scratch

Take inventory of available space in your home. Would your sauna work best in a storage closet? In the shed you don’t use anymore? If you’re building a free-standing sauna, have the pros at The Grounds Guys help clear a space and construct a stone pathway when it’s finished! If you’ll be converting a room indoors, Molly Maid can help you clean the area before and after construction.


Required materials will vary by project type, but generally, you’ll need:

  • A detailed blueprint
  • A sauna heater or wood burning stove
  • Lumber
  • Ventilation ducts
  • Proper insulation
  • Benches and doors

Think through the cost associated with these sauna types and required materials to choose the best fit for your lifestyle and budget.

Help from the Pros

While there are several kits on the market and DIY instructions online, this project is best executed with a little help from the professionals. Remove the guesswork and enlist the experts for help.

  • For this project, you’ll need extensive electrical wiring completed, from lights and light switches to your actual sauna heater. The experts at Mr. Electric will complete this work safely and efficiently!
  • Though you might not immediately think of a cold- water hose when you think “sauna,” this is a necessary component for quick relief from the heat. For a more permanent solution, invest in real plumbing for the ultimate spa experience.
  • Details matter! Trust Mr. Handyman to do the carpentry. You take care of the vision, and they’ll take care of the construction.
  • Sauna fires are caused by electrical malfunction, flammable items left on/close to the heat source, and the drying of wood, which lowers ignition temperatures. Adapt these fire safety tips for any kind of sauna.

Break a sweat! With these tips and tricks, you’ll be enjoying your at-home sauna in no time. Do you have other home service needs? We have a professional that can help. Visit our home page to explore our services and connect with a local pro.

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