Glide-Out Shelving

Convert your cabinets into more practical and usable space with Glide-Out™ shelving from ShelfGenie.

kitchen solutions

Kitchen Upgrade, No Renovation

You want your space to be inviting, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. A complete renovation involves months of planning and a large budget, but a small investment in your kitchen can still breathe new life into the space. Custom-designed pull-out shelving in the kitchen will create organization and increase storage within your existing cabinets

Pantry Solutions

Our pantry solutions will help you get the most of one of the busiest spots in your kitchen.

pantry solutions

Easy-to-Reach Solutions

Making a sandwich should be easy. But if you can’t see the peanut butter, reach the jelly, or grab the bread without knocking things over, it becomes more of a challenge than it’s worth. With ShelfGenie, the things that are meant to be simple actually are.

Bath Solutions

Transform your bathroom into a thing of beauty with our bathroom pull out shelving solutions.

bath solutions

Relax & Organize

There should be a neat, accessible place for every item in your bathroom, from toiletries and makeup to bath towels and cleaning products. ShelfGenie Solutions makes that possible.

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